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Modelo supermarket in Silves

It is a sensible idea to do your shopping for food on your way from Faro to Our holiday villa at Modelo Supermarket (like Tesco) in Silves. Turn off the coastal motorway to Silves. Follow signs to Monchique and N124, and Modelo will be on Monchique site of town on your right. It is quite big so you cannot miss it. It is open at least till 8pm and probably much later. Another Modelo is in Portimao. There is a cheaper German store Lidl in Silves as well. It is marked on Silves map in the Eastern part of town.

All everyday shopping can be done in Monchique. There are banks, a post office, a pharmacy, a fish and a vegetable market. Fish usually arrives at 11am. Prices are often cheaper than on the coast. The grocery stores have traditional bread. It is delicious and toasts well. There are a couple of bakeries that make delicious cakes. Those are open on Sundays as well. Foreign newspapers including English newpapers are available in some shops and usually arrive after 11am.

Two large shopping centres are: Algarve Shoppipng in Guia and Forum Algarve shopping centre in Faro, with about 50 shops under one roof. The merchandise there is usually commercialised. It may be time consuming and not everyone likes this type of a holiday.

Here are some recommented local Shopping attactions from other people


What to look out for


The best buys in Algarve include leather goods which are locally made, pottery, decorated tiles, crystal, copperware, embroidered tablecloth, filigree jewelery and cork products.

The leather goods - bags, belts, shoes - can be purchased everywhere - from local markets and smart boutiques. Usually at a fraction of the cost at home.

Pottery is sold in shops that are along N125 - the old main coastal road. They will pack you shopping carefully for transportation and will sometimes arrange international carriage.

Each town and large village has a covered market place open every morning except Sunday. Local food, vegetables, souvenirs can be bought there.

Prices are usually clearly marked and credit cards are accepted in stores but not everywhere.

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