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Dining Out




Eating out is affordable in Algarve that it is rather a norm than the exception for both residents and tourists. Lunches tend to be long and leisurely.

The reasonable wine prices are a bonus. There are many different Portuguese wines to choose from. Some of the notable ones being Dao, Vinho verde, Reguengos and of course Port.

Food in restaurants is of good quality, based on fresh local products. The simplest restaurants away from the main tourist centres often give you the best value for money and local colour. There are a many good local restaurants in the Monchique area.

We can recommend several good restaurants, Rampa and Paraiso de Montana, located about 500 meters from our holiday villa.


Algarve is a great place to enjoy seafood and fish. Grilled sardines are a great speciality along with swordfish, bream , squid, clams and more. From the simple chargrilled Sardines to gormet lobster. Do enjoy as wide variety as you can manage because all sea food is of outstanding quality - bass, bream, swordfish, lobsters, prawns. Portimao is famous for its tasty, grilled sardine, served on a slice of home-made bread, simple but delicious.

One good dish to try is Cataplana which is done with lots of garlic, clams and pork. Pork and chicken are the main meat dishes.

Chicken piri-piri is the famous dish in Monchique restaurants and can be mild and tangy or very hot and spicy.

There are delicious country soups including their caldo verde and a refreshing soup "arjamolho" that is ideal on hot days.

Another mountain speciality is presunto wafer thin smoked ham.

Meals are usually served with good country bread, pate and olives. Order a delicious "Bica" espresso coffee to finish your meal!

The Portuguese are very fond of children which in turn makes the children relax more and behave better! Thus helping parents enjoy themselves.

Portimao has also got a variety of restaurants serving international food of various sorts.

A word of Warning. Do not drink and drive while in Portugal at all. Either decide beforehand who is driving or arrange a taxi.

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