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Algarve Beaches

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The Algarve has many super beaches - we mention some - nearest to our holiday villa and leave more for you to discover. Some beaches are very popular and some delightfully uncrowded.

The southern coast is the busier and better known - our favourite is Alvor a popular and safe beach with miles of sand. One can always walk a bit further and get away from the crowds in the height of summer. Likewise Meia Praia on the way to Lagos.

The west coast is more rugged and not so touristy. We love it, however, the sea has strong currents so it is unsuitable for small children to do more than paddle. Again there are lovely beaches and rock pools.

We always return with pleasure to our villa with a swimming pool!


Meia Praia

A large sandy beach on the western side of Lagos bay. Good for windsurfing.


Praia Da Rocha


Acres of wide open sand as far as eyes can see right in front of Praia da Rocha’s seafront road. It is very popular but so big that you are sure to have plenty of room to stretch out. A tunnel at the western end leads to narrower stretches of beach, made all the more attractive by a backdrop of cliffs and pillars of rock close to the shore.

At various points on the seafront road there is access to the beach by steps. There are patches of afternoon shade by the tunnel and next to the cliffs further on.

Discovered by tourism at the end of the 19th century, it was for decades the favored resort of rich families from Portimao, the Algarve and Andalusia in summer, and of the English in winter. The Hotel da Bela Vista, with its Belle Epoque architecture and decoration, dates from this period.


Praia do Vau


You will find this good-sized beach at the far western end of Praia da Rocha’s seafront road. There is easy access from a car parking area. Cliffs giving afternoon shade at the far end.




This small beach takes its name from the cliff top holiday complex, which provides a lift up and down between July 15 and Sept. 15. There is a charge for non-residents. Otherwise, there are steps.


Alvor and Torralta


The massive beach in front of the village of Alvor fringes the eastern half of Lagos Bay. You can walk straight on to it. There are sand dunes but no cliffs. It is a wide open beach, popular among windsurfers, and good for other watersports as well.

Torralta is really a continuation of Alvor beach in front of the Torralta holiday complex tower blocks, just to the east of Alvor village.


Tres Irmaos


The eastern end of Torralta beach is marked by the rise of the golden cliffs that are so characteristic of much of the western Algarve coastline. Nestling in here is this cove, which translates to ‘Three Brothers’. Car park next to the beach.

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